Min. Allison Daniels

Empowerment Speaker | Coach | Best-Selling Author
Allison G. Daniels is a native Washingtonian, an Awarding-Winning, 2X Bestselling Author who has written over 31 books, Co-Author of 8 books, working on her 1st Visionary Collaboration, which is Book Titled: “Empowered to Win”.  She is the owner of Allison Daniels’ Ministries, LLC; Coaching and Consulting Business; Founder/CEO of the Write 2 Finish Now! Book Program where four of her clients became published authors. She is the Founder/CEO of Women Empowered 2 Win Organization, which is geared to empower and educate women of all ages to lead with authority.  She is an accomplished Author, Speaker, Coach, and Licensed Minister. She has a Monday Morning Facebook Live @ 5am Segment and Contributing Co-Host of the WBGR radio show “LetsDoThis”. She has been married to her husband Earl for over 17 years, and she is the mother of two Queens, Kristian and Damona.
She uses her books, coaching and her mentoring skills as tools to help and assist those who are ready to lead with authority, lead with clarity and lead with confidence toward their next level up. Her mission is to Aspire, Dream and Motivate others.


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