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Many of us want love. We may have the beautiful home, nice car, dream career, money in the bank, great kids, but yet we feel the void of not having the one thing that we want in life, true love. I believe love is hard to find. Lust is prevalent, but where is the true love.

Well one thing for sure, I’m a firm believer that we have to go get what we want. So, how do “go get” true love? Get prepared for it. Here’s a list of things I suggest you do, that will help you find what you are looking for. And I don’t think you will have to look for it because true love will find you. Here are my suggestions:

1. Forgive every person who has hurt you.

2. Start pampering yourself.

3. Write your goals out, pray over them, and start making preparations to act on them.

4. If you don’t work out, start doing so- get in shape to feel good. It hurts at first but your body will soon appreciate you for it. And the results will be amazing!

5. Write out all over your home where you spend the most time, affirmations such as: I am beautiful; I have found true love; I’m happy with myself; I love my career; I’m successful and rich; my circle of friends love me; I enjoy my own company; Hello Beautiful; I am confident and courageous; I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me; (also a Scripture in Philippians). Write other affirmations as you get more inspiration through reading and learning.

6. Think positive, don’t be down on yourself. Do away with the negative self-talk. You are an incredibly beautiful person or you wouldn’t be reading this. Stay high on yourself and always replace the negative with the positive.

7. Watch positive things on TV. Don’t be up all night watching the ID channel which is full of stories about partners killing their significant other. It’s not only frightening, it could deter you from ever venturing out your home to meet someone. I’m sorry to inform you- no one is going to knock on your door and suggest you come out and play. You, my friend, have to leave your home to meet others so get moving!

7. Go out dancing with your closest friends to celebrate the new you. Not to pick up anyone, but to dance like you have no care in the world. Embrace yourself AND the music! If you happen to meet someone, that is an added plus. But please, don’t take that person home with you. Never take a stranger home with you. Let them earn a visit to your humble domain.

8. Last, but never the least, pray. Talk to God as you would your best friend. Tell Him all your dreams and don’t ever give up on love. It’s definitely out there and it’s waiting for you too.

Just be prepared!

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