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Join us for our 1st Annual Be The Rose Women's Gathering.
Come get inspired, get empowered and get your life transformed!

About The Event

The purpose of this event is to inspire, empower women, to move beyond their pain, learning to forgive themselves and others for their past mistakes to move to where God wants them to be.


7801 Quill Point Dr. | Bowie Maryland


Saturday, September 21, 2019 | 1:30pm EST

Featured Speakers

Tonya Barbee

Tonya Barbee, Founder of I Am Still a Rose, LLC (IASAR), has a passion to help those who want to be helped. It took her awhile to realize that she had to make a change in her life in order to get the change she was looking for. After betrayal, emotional abuse, and other turmoil, she had to self-reflect, learn to forgive, and move beyond her pain. Her commitment is to help inspire and empower those that are ready to start a new chapter and to stop those vicious cycles.

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Allison Daniels

Allison G. Daniels is a native Washingtonian, an Awarding-Winning, 2X Bestselling Author who has written over 31 books, Co-Author of 8 books, working on her 1st¬†Visionary Collaboration, which is Book Titled: “Empowered to Win”.¬† She is the owner of Allison Daniels’ Ministries, LLC; Coaching and Consulting Business; Founder/CEO of the Write 2 Finish Now! Book Program where four of her clients became published authors.

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LuDrean Peterson

LuDrean Peterson is the CEO of Delivering On Ideas & Thoughts (DOIT). As a Career/Business Strategist, she specializes in turning DREAMERS into DOERS.
This HR Guru has been in this industry for 28 years and is highly sought after for resume-writing, interview preparation, career changes and unbiased workplace matters coaching.

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Nikki Aranado

Helping busy, high-achieving women make love a priority.

Nikki is a dating-prep coach with over 10 years of experience in the love industry as a group leader, coach, writer, discussion facilitator and moderator. Most recently, she has directed and moderated an all-male panel The Male Room Show which airs on DMV local networks.

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