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Are You Prepared?

Many of us want love. We may have the beautiful home, nice car, dream career, money in the bank, great kids, but yet we feel the void of not having the one thing that we want in life, true love. I believe love is hard to find. Lust is prevalent,…
August 23, 2018

Have You Ever Stopped to Smell the Roses?

We will forever go through challenges.  It’s part of life.  As I reached my 56th birthday, I began to realize that simple fact.  We will always go through challenges.  They are not going anywhere.  I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but it’s true.  We have to face the music.  Even…
August 22, 2018

Why Do Relationships Come and Go?

I suspect it's because we have yet to be prepared for what we thought we wanted? Do we even know what we want in a relationship? Have we examined ourselves to get better acquainted with who we REALLY are? Have we forgiven those whom have hurt us? Have we even…
June 29, 2018