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I know. Where have I been? Working feverishly on IASAR! From speaking engagements, acting or directing in plays at my church, helping women to move beyond their pain to a place of forgiveness and healing, working on a multitude of new projects, while raising an awesome young man, now 13 1/2 and holding down my career as a program manager for the federal government.

Life has brought me many challenges but I am now at a place that I welcome challenges. I know that nothing bad last forever and to just ride through it longing to see the other side as I get through the challenges. Whomever said you were going to go through life without the “downs?” Mishaps, and misfortunes WILL happen. My take is to just stay in peace within throughout these times.

An example: My recent breakup. Been with him for five years and just one day, it wasn’t working anymore. I couldn’t stay hurt. I trusted myself to know I did everything I could to make the relationship work. Everything. Sometimes however, “everything” is not enough. There are times doors close on relationships because they were intended for a season, not necessarily meant to last forever. We don’t always know that but our Heavenly Father always knows what’s best for us. So even when I didn’t like it, even when I had many tearful nights, even when I felt betrayed, I knew deep down inside that for those that love God, He will make it right for our good. I know this and I’m patiently waiting for Him to make it right for my good.

In the meantime, while I patiently wait, I’m pampering myself. Well how do you do that? Pray. Mediate. Exercise. Focus. Relax. Celebrate. Love.

Celebrating me! Celebrate you! I am still a Rose and so are you!

Moving beyond together,


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