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During these unprecedented times, I’ve gotten to know myself better. I’m home, more time to do so, why not?

Watching CNN, thousands dying from this dreadful COVID-19. Who would have thought, we would be in a biochemical warfare? A pandemic today, this era? We are here. Companies laying off millions of workers and the unemployment is a record high all over our country. How do we get past this? We don’t. We have to get through this. This virus has touched so many of us in one way or another.

Food is scarce. At any given day, you may not be able to find a gallon of milk, bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer or eggs. The simple things in life that we grew so accustomed to are no longer easily assessable. We just weren’t ready for war. But what has it made us ready for? Surviving. Surviving in the midst of it all. Whether stay at home orders have been demanded in your state or its only voluntary requests, we have become prepared to survive and do what is best for our loved ones. We are ready to do what we have to do.

One of my daughters is a new RN and also a new mom. She’s worried and rightfully so. Many of her patients have the virus and the number grows daily. Every day she goes to the hospital she’s in fear that her newborn may get affected. I have a former coworker who recently retired who actually contracted the virus. It’s affecting us all some how. Then there’s telework for those that are fortunate enough to still be able to work. Wireless networks weren’t prepared for millions of people both in the corporate and government fields, working from home simultaneously. Home schooling our children? Parents being put in a position overnight to teach their kids. I have no idea how to do the math my son does. If he has to depend on me to help, he may not make his mark in that class. But at any rate, we’re doing what we have to do. He is doing his homework, I’m teleworking as if I’m in my office.

We teach our kids, to the best of our ability, we cook more, we watch church services online with a bigger appreciation for our church home, we watch movies together, we are together more and we should appreciate life more because we see daily, life isn’t promised all around us.

I’ve used this time to learn more about me: the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve learned I need to be more patient. I still need to learn more about finances and taxes. I can see the bigger picture rather than the what’s before me. Work- around solutions are more attainable. I am reading and writing more with clarity. I have adapted to keeping my opinions to myself unless asked. My planning isn’t interrupted with the daily, busy schedules of rushing to this meeting, game practice or church function, I’m home. I’m getting to know my son more and chatting with my adult kids on FaceTime without factoring in my unsolicited advice. And being home has also given me a chance to realize more than ever, the insides need attention even more than the outer being. It’s ok to give the outer appearance a “time-out.” The improved inner being enhances the outer being.

I feel better, more like a real, grown-up. One who has recognized internal flaws that need attention and I have plans to tend to it, be better, for my inner self.

In the midst of it all, know and be sure, I am still a Rose and so are you!

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