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Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! With Spring comes Easter. It’s not about just dressing up in your finest clothes and visiting church. It’s about a new beginning. It’s a time to regroup, re evaluate your life and consider making a few changes to get things in order: primarily to seekĀ  a better relationship with our Father, our family, and with our neighbors. Consider rebirth. A time for change.

What I plan to do this Easter besides getting a new outfit and going to church is to get to know God better. I want to dive into Scripture well enough to live by it. I then want to show it by living it.

Easter is another chance to make it right.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

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  • Sherri Barbee says:

    I agree, with everything your saying, and will definitely, sincerely, consider what your saying.It make’s a lot of sense.All people think about Easter Sunday, is new outfit”s.

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