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It’s a New Year!  Can you believe it?  It’s here whether we’re ready or not.  I am happy to report that I was ready.  It gives us a chance to start over.  It gives us an opportunity to look at where we were and glance at where we would like to go.  My goal is to get it right this year.  I know that it won’t be perfect but I am going to do everything in my power to get it going better than it was going last year.

For starters, I prayed that God help me decipher who’s good for me in my life and who’s not.  He exposed just in the nick of time before New Years, who truly is supporting me and who may not have my best interest at heart. It was painful to see but I saw it.  What we have to remember is that not all relationships we encounter are permanent fixtures in our lives.  They have a specific purpose and sometimes once that purpose is fulfilled, there may not be a reason for them to stick around.  Some are seasonal, just there for a period.  We have to know that it’s ok and we should accept it without too much murmuring or sadness.  Just thank God for the time that you had with that person. It’s ok.  Whatever you do, just remember that if a door closes, don’t force it back opened.  Look for another door that could have many possibilities. It’s going to be ok. Get ready for a wonderful, New Year!!! Just have faith that everything is going to work out even though you don’t know anything about what’s in the door(s) ahead.

Happy New Year!

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  • Terri Allen says:

    Surrounding ourselves with positive people. God will continue to guide you in your purpose driven life. God Bless You!Congratulations!

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