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February,  we’ve been told it’s a time to show love right?  I’ve always wondered even as a little kid, are we only to show love on February 14?  We all know the answer to that question is “no.”  We should love, show kindness every day?  Even if your hearts are in pain for one reason or another, there is always someone you could share your love and kindness with.  Look around, you’ll see, there is someone.  What about the lonely neighbor; what about the lady the in the store that bumped your cart and didn’t say, “excuse me;” what about the boss that has obviously had a bad day, what about the friend that betrayed you; what about just showing love and kindness to all those around you? Just be kind. It’s not that difficult. It is contagious as well.  At some point, if there is no love that you can see in your life at the present time, it’s ok.  Some day, you’ll see it because you’ve spent many days giving the love that you have in your heart-just being kind to others.  In spite of whether you’re in love or not in love per say, love/be kind to those that you’ve been blessed to come in contact with.  You may never know why you came in contact with them. The point of it is, everyone needs love and kindness. Let’s start with giving it.
Happy Valentines!!!

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