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My BFF in Greenville, S.C made this! He’s also my Graphics Artist, John Clement. It was my birthday gift and it made me feel so special. The thought he put into it. He listened to everything I said about what I wanted. I didn’t think he was even paying attention because I was so elated and somewhat babbling in describing my dream canvas. I could have lost him. But he was attentive. He heard every detail and he put his talents to work and made it even better. It’s a masterpiece we will soon produce to make others smile too.

Every morning I wake up, I’m reminded that, “I am Still a Rose.” No matter how many thorns of disappointments; hurt and betrayal I’ve experienced; lost love; losing family members I miss terribly; and so much more, but it’s ok. Because each day, I’m blessed to see the sky, sun, trees, flowers and all else that God created for us to enjoy.

We should not stay in pain because we are in pain. Life does go on. No matter who has hurt you, betrayed you, abandoned you, you still have God. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Hebrews 13:5. I know it’s easier said than done. When we are hurt by someone we loved, we can’t understand how they could have once ever loved us but it happens all the time. Sometimes, relationships are just not meant to last and they are similar to seasons, whereas they come and go. I don’t recommend going into each relationship with the intent of treating it as such, but I do recommend you getting the concept that it may not last but doing the best that you can while you’re in the relationship. It’s just never a guarantee that he/she is “the one.”

How do you know when he/she is “the one?” I would think it’s when no matter what is going on in your lives, you are there for one another for the long haul. You’re excited about everything no matter what is going on. You hold on to each other and get through the battles as if your lives depended on it. There is no you or them just, “us.” You are as, “one.” When you both aim to give 100%, not half of that. It’s a relationship that will stand firmly through the trails and tribulations.

Just remember, whether you are in a relationship or not, you are still courageous, smart, beautiful, witty, and lovable. And don’t worry about closed doors, another one will open. Just don’t try prying open doors that are no longer meant for you to open.

But my friend, never give up on love.

You are still a rose!

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