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Hello Rose,

This has been an incredible year for me! I know you’ve been wondering where I have been.  The answer is simple. I’ve been trying to stay afloat. In doing so, I have not been attentive to you for a long time and for that I’m sorry.  Raising a twelve year old, working  hard to be the best single mom I can be; working as a project manager for the federal government, that’s taken a huge amount of time to learn my new job and to work with over sixty people to help them get on board; and lastly, writing my second book!  I’ve been sick for two months to add to it. The worse migraines ever on top of it.  But thank God for great doctors and medication that finally works.  I’m back on it again and you have been missed.  Please forgive me for allowing ‘EVERYTHING” to get in the way of staying in touch.

I’ve met many ladies this year that have become my friends.  After reading, “the Little Girl Inside,”  they have told me the book has helped bring awareness to the mistakes they have made and it’s given them resolution in which they have started to examine their life and make changes by looking within.  What could they have done differently?  What could they have done better?  How did they allow this to happen to for so long?  What will the do going forward to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

Those are just a sample of questions that my new friends are asking themselves. I could not answer these questions for them but I’m glad they see it in their hearts to look for answers.  When you go through relationship problems and you notice you have more issues than you have solutions, it’s time to slow down and put a pen to paper and ask yourself some questions?  Self-awareness is critical to growth.  If you don’t look within, you get stuck and it’s difficult to move forward. But as you decide to make a difference within, affirm to yourself, “I am still a rose!”  You can do this!

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