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Hello Everyone,

I’m hoping that this message brightens up your day.  Do you know you can have what you want to have?

In 2015, I took the first step and worked on myself.  I decided that if I wanted change then I had to be the change first and foremost.  We have a tendency to demand so much of others but many times, the demands should first start within.  Whenever someone tells you something critical about yourself and then someone else tells you the very same thing and they do not know one another, there’s a good chance the information they shared with you is true.  What do you do with that information?  You digest it.  You spend some time with yourself to reflect on your life, your past mistakes, your relationships, the failures and so on. As you do this,  the answers become clear. You begin to see that you could make a few tweaks in your own behavior so that you could begin to aim for better results.

I had a tendency of going in circles in my past relationships and it was not until I made changes within, I began to see a difference in my life.  Have you thought about yourself in this way?  Do you typically blame others when things go wrong in your life?  Have you reflected on things that was said to you that you didn’t appreciate but you knew they were true? What are you doing about it?  Do you want to remain the same or do you want to be an improved version of yourself?

Try to be an improved version of yourself and watch the desires of your heart begin to appear in your life. You can do it!

Just take the first step!

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