LuDrean Peterson

Career/Business Strategist

LuDrean Peterson is the CEO of Delivering On Ideas & Thoughts (DOIT). As a Career/Business Strategist, she specializes in turning DREAMERS into DOERS.

This HR Guru has been in this industry for 28 years and is highly sought after for resume-writing, interview preparation, career changes and unbiased workplace matters coaching.  She has numerous years of experience conducting business and designing/facilitating workshops across in China, India, South Africa, Latin America, Europe and Mexico.  She is the Host of “Let’s Do This” Talk Show, writer for “Impact The World” Magazine, and visionary of #IAmTheLegacy Campaign, helping youths to build legacies through entrepreneurship.

LuDrean holds dual master’s degrees (MBA and Management-HR) and a Master Project Management Certification. She is a member of Society for Human Resources Management.

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