I Am Still a Rose: In Spite of it All



This book is dynamic! The author promises us “the whole story” after presenting to us her memoir, “The Little Girl Inside Owning My Role in My Own Pain,” and now this! Barbee details the events of her life from an abusive beginning as a child in which she and her young siblings witnessed a horrific event to the details of four failed marriages in which one was short- lived, and one ended in an annulment after eight years of marriage! How does this happen to one person? You bet she’s a mess right? No, she gets through it and sees herself victorious, not a victim.
By reflecting, taking a hard look at her life, her history, what did she do to get beyond witnessing domestic violence, emotional abuse, betrayal, leading to failed relationships? How did she manage to be married four times unsuccessfully? She starts examining what she could have done differently; how not to repeat past mistakes; how to look for warning signs; and how to live a better life. Because of making these changes within, she began to discern what love means. Barbee began to realize too that love starts within before you can receive it. Consequently, she began to receive love, real love and decipher between what is real, what is not, and when it’s time to move on. This book will help those that have failed in relationships-repeating vicious cycles, learn how to move forward, to a better place, resulting in flourishing in more successful relationships.

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