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Drug addict, cheater, emotionally unavailable, and bigamist. What’s the common denominator. It is “I.” “The Little Girl Inside” who is unable to distinguish between love, the need to be loved and to understand her role in her pain. This book takes the reader through the many experiences of the author to include four marriages, and subsequently four divorces. More importantly, it takes the reader through the author’s decision to move beyond her own poor choices and to accept accountability for her failed relationships. This book details the author’s journey from a vicious cycle, consequently, realizing that she indeed had a role in her own pain. Can she own her role? Will she own her role? Turn the pages to unveil Tonya Barbee’s journey.

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“The Little Girl Inside – Owning my Role in my Own Pain by Tonya Barbee (03/08-04/10/18)
This book…OMG!!!! The author’s story really ministered to me. It appears the author and I were in this together. This book is for people that are in dysfunctional relationships- men and women. This book made me mad, laugh, cry, and reflect on my own failed relationships and where do I go from here.
I enjoyed how the chapters had titles. The chapters were short, to the point, and on point. I got a message out of most of the chapters.
The writing style is simply and understandable. It appears the author was speaking to me in a one on one conversation.
The characters were well developed and relatable. All the characters were distinct, and I could tell their position in the author’s life.
You must have an open heart and mind when reading this book. I loved the author’s honesty and sincerity. I learned a lot of life lessons. Thanks Tonya. I love how the author was transparent and that let me be transparent as well.
I recommend this book to women and the men who are going through obstacles and trails in their lives that’s holding their inner self. I give this book 5 stars. Can’t wait for the “whole story” to come out.”

Ms Queenie Clem

“This is my first time reading a book by this author. I must say she opened up and poured out everything she has went through especially 4 marriages and they never were happily ever after relationships. I love how the author broke it down to the reasons why she always winded up with a guy that seemed like the fairy tale prince charming but turned out to be the complete opposite. I saw some of my self in the book, which opened my eyes to see what is going on in my life and the changes I need to make for me. The author points out throughout the book that you have to go to God and talk to him about what is going own and not run to family and friends. God knows what is best for us. We just have to have faith, belief and wait on God.
I recommend this book to read and look forward to reading more books by this author.”

Cassandra H.

“his book is the epitome of so many many of us women. We constantly will recycles the extremely, tumultuous cycle of allowing ourselves to be hurt deceived and betrayed. Tonya reminds us that just because of our bad choices it doesn't make us stupid but it sounds off alarm to fix what's broken inside of us. Thank you Tanya for your outstanding read and I look forward to all of your next projects”


“A great read!! I enjoyed how the author takes you on her personal journey. As I read I began to relate to her feelings and even shared similiar consequences of the decisions she made as well. Such a relatable read. I enjoyed her journey and strength throughout. I'm reminded there is a little girl inside of all of us and a strong woman as well. Loved it!!”

Pam R.

“An amazing story of survival. About a woman who has gone through a lot of things, not only that, but how she was able to come out as a survivor.”

Shannan Harper

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