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I’m so grateful! This year was amazing! So many great things happened for me. See, I took those first steps. I actually made attempts to do mostly everything I wanted to do. For starters, I didn’t realize this till I looked at publishing dates. I actually published two books this year and wrote two short stories. One made the Amazon best seller and the other one is in the works for being published this coming spring. I’m elated! What the excitement about? I finished something dear to me. In the past twenty years, I always wanted to write at least one book and I’ve surpassed that goal.

I also stepped out of the box and had an awesome book release of my latest book, I am Still a Rose. It was a huge success thanks to my event planner, Damisha White, Blue Heart Strategies and all my followers, friends and family.

We have to take first steps to get where we want to go. Just a few steps in the right direction and things will just start falling into place.

On my day job, I worked some major projects and they all turned out well. I’m excited about getting out of my comfort zone and learning new things resulting in me transitioning to a new department with an opportunity for more advancement soon.

My children are doing well. All living out their dreams. One is coaching high school basketball, another one finished her masters, one completed her RN bar, and the youngest, making good grades and excelling in sports.

I’m pleased. I’m grateful.

But not everything this year was a huge success. I went through a breakup after we were together for almost five years. It broke my heart. I’m still in shock mode, trying to figure out what went wrong, how, and why.

But overall, I’ve been in this world long enough to realize you don’t go prying open closed doors. Things happen and many relationships are meant for a season, not eternity. It’s ok. I will survive as I have other failed relationships. It’s part of life.

What are your accomplishments? Did you have any failures this year? Remember, stuff happens. Nothing is going to be peachy all the time. Things happen. Its how life works. We have to go through the good, the bad and ugly to get where we want to be. It’s called tests. And we all know when we go through tests, we have testimonies to share with others. We should always share our ups and downs with others so that others can learn from our experiences or at least feel like they are not alone.

Whatever happened this year, grow from it. Learn from it. Treasure ALL your experiences. It’s really ok or will soon be ok.

Let’s agree we will have an even greater New Year!

And no matter what, you are still a Rose!

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