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I know it’s difficult. I know you’re tired. I know it’s been too much to deal with. How long is this going to last? How long must we suffer?

I often say, “We have to go through it, to get to it.” Just a little while longer. We are so accustomed to ripping and running, aren’t we? Who would have ever thought we would be experiencing this type of turmoil. Lost loved ones, no jobs, money is scarce, seeing the kids all day every day while some of us have to tackle with teleworking too. Homeschooling kids and teleworking can be excruciating. I saw a video on social media where a woman was naked while her kid was getting home schooled, about 4th grade, half the kids weren’t even paying attention to the teacher. She was yelling at the kids and then comes in the naked mom. That’s got to be tough for the kid, mom and definitely the teacher. Hard times for sure! But we will get through it. And while I’m single, only having to put up with my 15 year old son at home, while babysitting my one year old grandson weekly, I think about those whom have spouses. Oh my. And both are home? All day? Or at least seeing each other more than ever. I hope they are bonding versus being tired of one another. That in itself can be overwhelming. Hope their love is strengthened foe one another.

Just don’t give up. Don’t let it get to you. Use this time to get reacquainted with yourself. I’ve got to know me better and you know what? I like me! I actually love me. I’m dealing with my flaws. I now know what they are and don’t need someone else to tell me.

I have a junk pile that I get rid of weekly only to pile it up again a week later. I used Door Dash when I work 15 hour days. I get frustrated when I realize I’ve been in the house all day. I get tired and then I get moody. I work harder. I want to prove myself at work and I feel for you, the beautiful Roses that I communicate with, and I want to be sure I create content you can relate to just in case you’re feeling like I am. And then I realize too, I’m single. During a pandemic it has its drawbacks. When I panic, I don’t have anyone to console me at night. But it’s cool. I pray. I’m comforted and then I’m good.

Know this! You’re still a Rose and in due season, we will be well again, in a better place.

Use this time wisely. Don’t let it be wasted. Do something for you to be better. It is actually our time to do just that, be well and sound-minded. Take walks, read, dance, listen to great music, meditate, take long, hot baths with candles. Just do you!

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