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I suspect it’s because we have yet to be prepared for what we thought we wanted? Do we even know what we want in a relationship? Have we examined ourselves to get better acquainted with who we REALLY are? Have we forgiven those whom have hurt us? Have we even taken the time to forgive ourselves? Um? Lots of questions right? You should be asking questions of such magnitude when examining “why” your relationships are failing. It may be something you are doing wrong. It may be something your mates are doing wrong. Overall, it could be something you need to change about yourself to NOT attract the wrong person perhaps. Is it possible you are meeting the same type that are not working out? If so, that surely means you, my friend, have to make some changes within. In my book , the Little Girl Inside, it was me. I was the common denominator that was required to make some adjustments in my life to start attracting better relationships. When you start making changes, you will also notice your current relationships will change, for the better. Who doesn’t want more improved relationships. And for the scary part, you may even start losing some. You will need to be ready for that. But what you will learn is that when you remove yourself from the dead weight, better relationships will replace those. And what’s even more exciting, you will then learn to recognize signs of what you appreciate in a person and what you can no longer tolerate.

Much success on better relationships. Are you ready for the challenge?

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