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Do you know, every day we are dying?  I know. It sounds morbid. It sounds pessimistic. We should be claiming life every day we wake up.  But even so, we are dying daily.  Let that sync in.  Feel it. Embrace the inevitable.  One day, we don’t know when, but we know, one day, we will no longer be amongst the living. 

So, what do we do with this information?  Do not live in fear of death; but live to live. 

Appreciate every day, honored, to be alive.  Don’t spend another moment complaining about what you don’t have, what someone else has (and it’s not fair), what you desire that hasn’t come to fruition yet, or, worse, what someone has done to you.  And let us not forget how we procrastinate.  

When you have not gotten what you want yet in life, has it occurred to you there may need to be some changes you need to make in order to get the desired outcome?  And why do we find ourselves comparing our lives to others?  Has it ever occurred to you that our DNA is different for many reasons?  What’s good for her, may not be good for you and believe it not, vice versa.  Your day will come if you put in the effort.  Then there is the procrastination. “I’ll get it done some day.”  That almost stings with arrogance.  Who says you will be afforded, a “some-day?” I’ve come to discover during my trials of going through hurt and despair, the person that offends you may not even know they offended you.  But we tend to live in that constant unforgiveness mode, because we’re still caught up in our hurt feelings.


Let it go!  It is time to live like we never have in our lives.  Remember, sad to say, but we are dying every day.  Let it sync in again.  Take time to smell those beautiful roses.  Be at peace with your past.  Love those that have hurt you.  Ok, maybe that’s going too far, but at least make an effort to forgive them.  Even if you don’t forgive them directly, forgive them in spirit.

Spend time daily embracing life.  Appreciate who you are and how far you have come. Even if you have taken small steps, see the awesomeness in those small steps!  You are alive today.  Make the very best of it! 


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