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We have to watch what we say and what we are thinking. It can really hurt our progress if we speak on negative things and focus on the negative. If I said, “I’ll always be broke, ” and start thinking about being broke, guess what? I’ll always be broke.

If we are accustomed to being called ugly by someone we care about. We many feel in our heart and mind, we are ugly. We have to dispel that thought and not receive that because it’s not true. God didn’t make any ugly people but He did make us different, with different DNA. That’s makes us special. Your gifts are different from mine and mine are different from yours. We are all beautiful as well as special. Let’s never forget that.

Keep affirmations around your home to remind you of such:

* I am blessed with intelligence.

* I am blessed with beauty.

* I love me!

* I am living an abundant life.

See, doesn’t this feel good? You got this. We got this.

Moving beyond together,


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